Zachary J Duff is a student at Drake University in the school of Journalism and Mass Communication. He also has an area of concentration in philosophy. Zachary J has lived in Iowa his entire life and wishes to give back to the state that has given such a chill life by donating his time and efforts to combating the issues that plague the state. Zachary J was born is Des Moines Iowa at Mercy Hospital. as the youngest of five children Zachary J had to learn to fend off larger opponents to claim his share of cookies and other delicious treats. The family unit consists of my mother and father: Lana and Kevin, my two sisters:Courtney and Meghan, my two brothers: Michael and Nick, and then me: Zachary J.

Courtney(left) Zachary(right)

Zachary was a two sport athlete at his High School, Dowling Catholic, in both football and wrestling. His opinion of the two sports was that wrestling was the much tougher sport to endure through. His other interests included acting and literature. Literature has always been a strong interest of Zachary’s since he was old enough to read beyond the level of Captain Underpants as it opened his mind to all the theories and experiences that the world could give you in ink and paper.

Family is the most important thing to Zachary. As a child Zachary took for granted the large and loving family he was graced with from birth. After many years thinking that his family was dysfunctional(which…kinda). But after being out in the world and interacting with a variety of people I learned that my family is actually pretty chill. Every year the holidays are filled with joy on either both sides of the family. My father has four brothers while my mother has three brothers and three sisters, so the houses are packed with aunts, uncles, and cousins.

My own brothers and sisters have started families of there own. I have four nephews and one niece. I try to be a good uncle to them and they treat me like I’m some sort of superhero. My oldest nephew is Dylan, then follows Daniel. Next is my niece Quimby, she is a wild one, and then Dominic(also a wild one). Finally there is Benson, who is an absolute sweetheart(though he knows how to use it).

So I really think that to know about me, you have to know  about my family and what they mean to me.